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Your support is crucial to help the Foundation deliver its mission to help to educate, advance, foster and support the design, invention, patent and development of clean technology in pursuit of positive global impacts for the benefit of humankind. Please join a blue chip group of organizations and individuals dedicated to inspiring transformation, enabling new markets, and advancing solutions to some of our world’s grandest challenges.

Note: The Enviro Innovate Cleantech Foundation has submitted its application for tax–exempt 501 (c) 3 status to the IRS in the United States and is awaiting a determination in this respect.

If you would like to support the activities and mission of the Enviro Innovate Clean–tech Foundation, please send your donations payable to:

The Enviro Innovate Clean-tech Foundation
ATTN: Chief Financial Officer
Suite 362 – 1005 Boylston Street
Newton, MA 02461
United States of America

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